STATISTICS Degree Is A Right Study For Me | Pros And Cons Of Statistics Study 2022

STATISTICS Degree Is A Right Study For Me | Pros And Cons Of Statistics Study 2022
STATISTICS Degree Is A Right Study For Me | Pros And Cons Of Statistics Study 2022

Introduction Of STATISTICS Degree Is A Right Study For Me | Pros And Cons Of Statistics Study 2022

STATISTICS Degree Is A Right Study For Me | Pros And Cons Of Statistics Study 2022. Is a statistics major or a statistics degree worth it statistics might be mind-numbingly dull whereas for others they like using it because of how practical it is now with this degree there are around 2100 bachelor’s graduates every single year however there are a lot of other degrees that have the word statistics in it or they’re related to statistics so it’s probably quite a bit more than that now.

Become An Economist Or, Of Course, A Statistician

There are a ton of different examples of careers past that you can go down after graduating with this degree you could become a market researcher a financial analyst you could become an economist or of course a statistician you could also go down the technology side of things and become a software engineer a database administrator or a data scientist but there are four major sections here that I’m going to be evaluating and giving a score from 1 to 10. we’re going to start with salary then.

We’re going to move on to satisfaction then we’re going to move on to demand and finally x factors at giving this one a ranking out of 10. with a statistics degree in general you’re going to expect to make around 63 000 a year in your first five years after graduating also known as early career pay and then mid-career pay which is 10 years and on you can expect to make around 114 000 a year now the pay is going to vary greatly depending on what career path you decide to go down for instance. You Can Also Read 2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs.

If you want to become an actuary you’re probably going to start around 67 000 a year and then after 10 years, you’re going to be making around 105 000. if you wanted to become a statistician they make around 92 000 a year however you’re generally going to have to get a master’s level degree if you want to work purely as a statistician or a mathematician statistician god that’s a really weird word to say some really common career paths you would see people going down would.

Becoming A Senior Statistician

Becoming a senior statistician a data scientist or a senior data scientist as they move on in their career so a data scientist for instance is going to make around 122 000 a year but again you are going to have to have a master’s level degree generally speaking to get into it however there are a ton of different careers out there that you can go into that don’t require master’s level degrees these are just two of the examples that I found so, for instance, you could become a software developer and they make around 107 000.

A year and that’s with just a bachelor’s level degree there are a ton of different career paths you could go down with a statistics degree and almost all of them tend to be well paying so overall for a statistics degree I’m going to give this one a salary score of 9 out of 10. so next we’re going to be talking about satisfaction now, to be honest with you this is the most subjective section for some people crunching numbers all day could be their dream they’d love to do that, and for other people that would be a nightmare.

I kind of like some types of math I’m sorry if that’s weird to a lot of you I know a lot of people hate math but statistics is not under that category all the classes that I took in statistics to me were extremely boring however I see how incredibly useful it is and you know the end product after you’ve done all the boring stuff can be extremely useful and fun and there are a ton of people out there that love statistics and they love what they can do using their knowledge so with that being said according to pay scale.

The Lower Side For Statistics It Is A 42 Meaning Score

The meaning score which is basically how much you think your career your degree positively impacts the world is on the lower side it’s not super low but it is on the lower side for statistics it is a 42 meaning score and for some of the other statistics or related degrees it’s also relatively low but with that being said a lot of the mathematics-related majors are on the lower side and I think.

That’s just because a lot of people don’t like math that much in general however when you look at job satisfaction which is a little bit different than meaning job satisfaction is basically how much you enjoy doing your job it is a little bit on the higher side so for instance for statisticians they have a job satisfaction score around 72 percent and that just means that 72 percent of the people surveyed said that they are highly satisfied with their job so although the meaning might be a little bit low you might not be positively impacting.

The world all that much you do tend to go into careers where you are satisfied with the career itself and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that a statistics degree is going to teach you highly coveted skills and a lot of people out there a lot of businesses are going to want to hire you and so, therefore, they’re going to have to treat you a lot better just because you have a lot of options but overall like I said this is extremely subjective this is always the hardest one for me to rate.

A Statistics Degree Within The Next 10 Years

I’m going to go ahead and give this one a 7.5 out of 10. for some people this one would be a 10 out of 10 and for other people this one would be a 1 out of 10. next, we’re going to be talking about demand and overall demand might be the most important one on the entire list just because a lot of the other ones on this list tend to stem from demand so for instance if a skillset is high in demand the salary is going to tend to go up they’re also going to want to treat you well give you really good benefits, etc.

Just because they want to keep you and there’s a lot of competition for people who have your skillset that means that the satisfaction will likely go up as well now BLS projects a 27 growth in careers that are related to a statistics degree within the next 10 years that is good especially when you consider the fact that the average career is growing at about four percent now I think one of the biggest reasons for this incredible growth is the fact that more and more businesses and government agencies etc are realizing.

The importance of data okay data is more valuable than oil this is something that is true data is so incredible but if you know how to gather organize and interpret data in such a way where you can make really good business decisions that is pretty much an invaluable skill and statistics teaches you a lot of the skills that you need to do that so if you decide to become a statistician they’re going to be growing at about 33 percent and there’s 45 000 jobs available now and that means 10 years from now there’s going to be an employment change of 14 900 jobs.