Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Which Is The Best In 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Which Is The Best In 2022
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Which Is The Best In 2022

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Which Is The Best In 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Which Is The Best In 2022. The Samsung galaxy s10 and compare it against the Samsung galaxy s 21 fe and see which one you should pick up now I will tell you if you have the money go for the galaxy s21 fv this is going to be the better one in pretty much every single area but the s10 is still kind of surprising in some places too if you want to pick up you know these phones a little bit of a difference.

The Galaxy S10 Is A Smaller Phone

The galaxy s10 is a smaller phone in pretty much every single area the s10 has that 6.1-inch dynamic AMOLED display 1440p panel but it is a 60hz panel, not the 120hz that we have on this one but it’s still a pretty smooth performing phone I mean hole-punch display first Samsung galaxy s series device to have that whole punch display and it’s still a very good looking panel for sure very few complaints about it curved panel 2 which is beautiful the s21 fe, on the other hand, has that 6.4-inch dynamic AMOLED display.

It’s 1080p so not as high as a resolution but it does have a 120-hertz panel so it’s a little bit smoother in some areas you won’t be able to tell over the camera but in real life there definitely is a little bit of a difference but I’ll still tell you the s10 still looks pretty good for the most part hole-punch display in the center too now on top of that you do have a usb type-c port on both.

But you have a headphone jack and micro sd card slot on the s10 so that’s a pretty big thing to keep in mind you do have a little bit more I o actually a lot more I o on the s10 than you have unless 21 fe a big thing to keep in mind in terms of thinness and thickness on them you can see that the galaxy s10 is a much thinner device you have pretty much a flat side on the s21 fe almost flat where the galaxy s10 is curved at both sides so it gives the impression that it’s much thinner than it is and I love that I don’t know.

The S21 FE Than On The S10 Wireless Charging

Why Samsung doesn’t do it anymore that was one of my favorite things about Samsung’s and on the back, we have a glass back on the s10 where we have a plastic back on the galaxy s21 fe the triple camera setups on both are kind of the same although it protrudes a little bit more on the s21 fe than on the s10 wireless charging and reverse wireless charging on both phones as well and honestly that pretty much covers it up on the outside there really isn’t too much else different between them.

If I stack them up on top of each other you can kind of see how they both kind of look you know all across the board the s10 pretty much sits inside the frame of the s21 fe now another big thing is longevity so the galaxy s21 fe is going to be lasting much longer at least two years longer than the galaxy s10 so that is a really big thing to keep in mind if you’re planning on picking up a galaxy s10 right now this phone is getting one ui4 very soon but it’s going to be outdated.

The S10 Did Get An Extra Year Soft For Updates

Because of that galaxy s21, fv is probably the better one in that area just because you are getting those software supports and the software updates for the next couple of years the s10 did get an extra year soft for updates which was pretty impressive unfortunately it is on its last leg which is something I hate saying but it’s something that you know is kind of the case so if you have a Samsung galaxy s10 you probably should look into updating sooner than later you don’t have to update today but it is one of those. You Can Also Read How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max.

Things to keep in mind probably in the next coming months and years especially so in terms of that that covers it up there now let’s go and do a speed comparison between both these phones now the galaxy s10 has that Qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipsets inside of it with eight gigabytes of ram where the s21 fe, on the other hand, has that 888 chipset inside of it with six gigs of ram on the base model and eight gigs of ram on the top tier model this model has six gigs of ram so let’s go and see.

The S21 I Feel Like A Little Bit Faster Camera

Which one is the faster phone between both of these there we go let’s go and clear all the apps in the background so you can see all they are cleared out here and all they are cleared out here so let’s get into it let’s do phone calls three two one and there we go hopping out of this one let’s get into messages three two one I think the s21 I feel like a little bit faster camera three two one and kind of the same thing I really can’t tell too big of a difference let’s go and take a photo in night mode and we weren’t on nine modes here.

Which is kind of weird hopping out of this one it’s going to get into play store three two one and the s21 fee was faster but the galaxy s10 was kind of just right behind it scrolling through here it’s gonna go right here uh you can see the s21 fv is smoother but it looks like the galaxy s10 is faster.