iPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before Buying

iPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before BuyingiPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before Buying
iPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before Buying

Introduction Of iPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before Buying

iPhone SE In 2022 You Must Read Before Buying. One of apple’s most influential devices they ever made it wasn’t a flagship it wasn’t a groundbreaking device but what this iphone kind of led for I guess the next couple of years for apple I think was a pretty big deal in my opinion and this iphone is none other than the original iphone sc the iphone special edition you know which is pretty cool now I don’t think this iphone is necessarily worth it anymore and it’s kind of sad because.

You Know iphone Release Cycle This Was A Very Cool iphone

I’ve been talking a lot about this iphone the last couple of years even this year specifically and I still think this iphone is beautiful it brought a lot to the table at that time and I do think in the overall span of you know iphone release cycle this was a very cool iphone that apple you know sent out and I’m happy they made it now if you want to pick up some iPhones you will hear people’s you know stories about how they use this iphone and how they’re still using it or something you know.

I always see them and they’re cool you have touch id on the front a lot of bezels but it’s okay you know I don’t have too many issues with it you have the lightning port at the bottom and a cool headphone jack we don’t see that combo anymore and on the back, we had this full aluminum back which looked good we had those two glass shards on the top and the bottom which I always found pretty interesting that they did that I don’t know.

Why didn’t put a full glass back like on the iphone 4s but you know it’s whatever they eventually brought it back with the iphone 10 and we have a single camera setup as well now we don’t have any wireless charging we don’t have any IP certification but overall this was still a pretty good phone that Apple released and I do think at that time it was a very important iphone to you know kind of send out they already had all the parts for the iphone 5s you know for this specific device.

The iphone You Know Success

They just recycle the whole phone so they didn’t have to like reinvent anything they just used the phones that they had before recycling the parts and then pretty much just put better internals in them and that was pretty much it so I love this iphone it did come out in 2016 so a couple of months after the iphone you know success and success plus but apple kind of covered a lot of different grounds with this you know it was I think 3.99 when it first came out but I bought mine for like 99 brands.

New from best buy like about three years ago so that was pretty insane these things you know had a lot of deals and I think a lot of people love them for sure now talking about the camera setup this thing has that single 12-megapixel standard camera on the back and you could do 4k 30 on it which was pretty much the same camera as the iphone 6s and 6s plus maybe the 6s this one didn’t have ois on it but it was still a pretty decent camera I think it’s something about it being in such a small.

You know form factor and with the actual viewfinder being so small on the screen it makes it seem like it’s a lot better than it is I saw the same thing with the iphone 5 and 4s as well and also has a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera as well now I will tell you this is no secret I don’t think this camera is amazingly amazing anymore but at that time it was still pretty impressive that you were getting almost the same camera as the flagship iphone on this specific iphone at least on the back the front was a little bit of a different story.

That Most Applications Suit Up The iphone Camera

But I will tell you the camera on this thing is still pretty decent you can do photos videos no portrait mode or anything like that but the good thing is is that most applications suit up the iphone camera so it kind of takes advantage of the full ios camera you know that you have which is nice but another thing is is that this phone is still getting softer support that means that most of the applications that are still being made are going to be supported on the iphone sc so you can download applications.

That will give you like portrait mode or give you like the kind of like a cinematic mode feel to it it’s all you know, not hardware it’s just all like the software but it’s still pretty cool too so in terms of that pretty much covers it up in the camera standpoint now hitting on the software in the longevity aspect, of course, this is one of the weirder aspects of this phone and this is probably why I wouldn’t recommend people to buy it this year this iphone is probably not going to be getting ios 16. and because.

That is probably going to happen it puts us in a weird situation to you know buy this iphone or recommend this iphone to people mostly because this iphone is not going to be supported for that much longer so it doesn’t make sense to recommend people to buy this iphone and say go get this iphone it’s super cheap and it makes total sense.

This iphone Is Still A Very Good Price

That isn’t the complete story because you don’t want to buy an iphone then have to buy another one like seven months later you know you I’m sure you just want to buy an iphone and move on with your life and although this iphone is still a very good price and although it still has a lot going for it the software is one of those things that sooner than later it’s probably going to be outdated so you’re probably going to be in a better situation if you just kind of move on and maybe buy like an iphone 7 or 7 plus than buy.

This specific phone from what I’ve seen in my personal life just doesn’t make too much sense to purchase this phone right now because of the software you know experience shortly however if you need a backup phone or if you need a phone that you pretty much just kind of want to you know to buy and maybe you’ll use it here and there then this isn’t that bad of an option but like I mentioned you’re probably going to be better off if you buy something like an iphone 7 or an iphone 7 plus so in terms of the software.

This iphone It Is Still A Very Smooth And Fairly Fast Performing Device

That pretty much covers it up there now in terms of the actual performance of the specific iphone this thing has that apple a9 chip inside of it with two gigabytes of ram now here’s the craziest thing about this iphone it is still a very smooth and fairly fast performing device I’ve mentioned this time after time but when you have an iphone like an iphone se it’s not a slow-performing device you know I could say a lot of things about it but it’s not slow and I’m a huge fan of the performance of this iphone and I want to say one thing weirdly enough.

My experience on ios 15 on all my devices has been pretty weird I’ve been pretty vocal about it but the thing is is that with the iphone se this device was one of the most stable you know phones I had on ios 15. it made no sense to me it was so random but I was super happy to see it and I was all on board for it so that was a very crazy thing that happened, of course, you know wasn’t as fast as my iphone 13s or anything but it was still pretty impressive what Apple was able to do with this iphone it was one of the older iPhones supported on ios 15.