iPhone 12 Pro In 2022 The Best Ever

iPhone 12 Pro In 2022 The Best Ever
iPhone 12 Pro In 2022 The Best Ever

Introduction Of iPhone 12 Pro In 2022 The Best Ever

iPhone 12 Pro In 2022 The Best Ever. The iphone 12 pros and see how it holds up in 2022. now this phone is turning two years old this year although it’s about a year and a half right now and I’ll be honest this iphone had a very weird effect on my life, on one hand, I loved the build quality of it it looked extremely beautiful it felt extremely beautiful and I did like having a bigger 6.1-inch panel coming from that 5.8-inch panel.

iphone 11 Pros I Love The Flat Sides

That I had on my iphone 11 pros I love the flat sides I love everything about this iphone but there were some weird issues I had with this device which I’ll explain in this video that some of you may already know that affected me in some weird ways now first of all if you want to buy this iphone or maybe some other phones off with the front and pretty much the body of this iphone it had a 6.1 inch super retina xcr OLED panel it still looks extremely beautiful and when compared to something like an iphone 13 pro.

It still looks kind of the same although it doesn’t have a promotion you still have the notch you still have a little tiny amount of bezel on top of it too but it’s not that big of a deal and when you look at this phone I don’t think you’re going to think it’s outdated wait until the iphone 14s come out and maybe this thing will start looking outdated but this is still a pretty beautiful looking phone on the front and I think the panel is just the start it just looks so beautiful and even like five to ten years from now.

It’s still going to feel like a very premium phone for sure now you do have that lightning port at the bottom which is still fine the stainless steel band around it whatever it is looks very good as well and on the back, we still have that frosted glass back on this iphone too which as I mentioned before makes this thing look so beautiful I think most phones like this just looks so great and again I’m a humongous fan of how this iphone still looks in this day and age now we do have that triple camera setup up top with you know.

This iphone Are You Know 12-Megapixel Lenses

The lighter sensor which I’ll get into in a second you have IP certification on this phone so it’s a little bit of water-resistant dust resistant as well you have that MagSafe capability with wireless charging and that is pretty much it on the outside you know it still looks good I don’t have too many complaints about it and if you’re thinking about picking it up I mean this is a beautiful looking phone for sure now in terms of the camera setup this is very interesting.

We have a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens a 12-megapixel telephoto lens than a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor and we also have that lidar sensor as I mentioned now you could do 4k 60 on the back and the front of this thing because you also have a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens so all of the cameras on this iphone are you know 12-megapixel lenses which are cool there’s no 8k capability or anything like that but that is totally I don’t think that’s that big of a deal now.

Here’s the thing about the iphone 12 pros this iphone I think is still a very good camera you know this is a very solid camera I think I filmed a couple of videos on this iphone throughout the last year and I think it you know held up extremely well all my photos a lot of thumbnails that I made for this channel too were pretty much made and you know created on this iphone and I think in terms of the camera setup it never let me down you know it was a very good camera setup and even when.

iphone 13 Pros Although The Sensors

I compared it to my iphone 13 pros although the sensors are a little bit smaller I don’t think it’s that big of a deal this camera I can’t tell that big of a difference you still have a lot of capability on this phone for sure I was usually taking like or tick tocks or Instagrams that some of you may have seen and I think it’s a quality you know the camera you know there’s not that much to complain about here now the only slight thing compared to the new iPhones is that.

It doesn’t have cinematic mode but you still have portrait mode and you still have the capability of taking photos and videos on this thing like every other phone so i really wouldn’t complain about it too much but i will tell you after using cinematic mode on the new iphone 13s it is actually a pretty cool feature and i do think it’s worth kind of upgrading if you’re obsessed with cameras like that but other than that i don’t really think it’s that big of a deal to be honest so in terms of that that kind of covers it up there.

This iphone This Thing Is Going To Be Lasting

Now in terms of longevity, this is another huge asset of this iphone this thing is going to be lasting for a very long time it’s not going to be outdated tomorrow or next year, or the year after this phone and it isn’t even two years old yet and i feel like this phone is probably going to get like five or six full os updates throughout its life so if that ends up being the case this phone isn’t even going to start showing its age until like 2025. so you still have like another three years before this thing is even remotely outdated so.

I would you know recommend picking it up just for the longevity aspect you know but again there are some other reasons why I wouldn’t probably recommend picking it up but this is a very good phone in terms of the future of it and apple has been kind of slow on pushing out ios 15 updates and currently ios 15 isn’t the most stable thing on the iphone 12 pros even still we are many months into its full os-release cycle I did not install the betas but this is still kind of an issue.

That apple needs to address hopefully if you’re watching this video five months from now they’ve you know already patched a lot of these bugs but as of right now me making this video there are still some issues that Apple needs to fix so in terms of the longevity aspect that pretty much covers it up there now in terms of the performance this thing has that apple a14 bionic chip inside of it with six gigabytes of ram now luckily for us this was the first iphone to bring six gigs of ram.

The iphone 12 Pros May Be A Little Bit Faster

Which is cool this is the 12 pro max and here’s the thing that I’ll tell you about the performance of this iphone very similar to how it felt about the iphone 11 pro and the iphone 10 this is still a very very good performing iphone I don’t think it’s that much slower than an iphone 13 pro I think there are some times where the iphone 12 pros may be a little bit faster than my current iphone 13 pro which is pretty crazy now I use this phone for a little bit over a year and I had an amazing time with the performance.

I didn’t complain about it too much there may have been some ram management issues and some speed and app opening issues in the first like couple maybe like a first month but usually apple fixes it within the first month and it’s fixed my 13 pros is still experiencing and my iphone 13 pro is still experiencing.