iPad Air 3 The Popular Device In 2022 Still Its Trending Why

iPad Air 3 The Popular Device In 2022 Still Its Trending WhyiPad Air 3 The Popular Device In 2022 Still Its Trending Why
iPad Air 3 The Popular Device In 2022 Still Its Trending Why

iPad Air 3 The Popular Device In 2022 Still it is Trending Why. The iPad Air 3 is the iPad that came out in 2019 and to be honest I was super happy when this specific device came out it did bring a lot of newer kinds of things to the table but it also kind of recycled the iPad pro 10.5 inches you know kind of body which I was a huge fan of as well now.

We Got The iPad Pro Third Generation

This came out a little bit of time right after we got the iPad pro third generation which was easily one of my favorite iPad designs ever so this is not a dated design but when you look at something like the iPad pros and the new iPad Air and the new iPad mini we are kind of in this weird situation where this is a little bit of a data design now if you want to pick up this iPad the outside this display was a 10.5-inch retina IPS panel and the resolution is pretty high 16 68 by 22 24 very weird numbers but.

It’s a very high-resolution display and it was a very very good display as well it had a true tone on it no 120-hertz promotion like the iPad pro 10.5 inch had so that was kind of weird but honestly it was a very good panel and I was a humongous fan of it for sure now you do have some bezel around it but it’s you know it’s expected you have touch id sensor with that home button on the front on the bottom you have that lightning port you had a headphone jack on this you know device as well.

Which was cool and on the back you had that aluminum frame as well a single camera setup light there too and I will tell you this was a very solid you know feeling iPad as I mentioned before on pretty much all iPad videos that I’ve done Apple has never made an iPad that felt cheap so they’ve never really made like a cheap or like unpremium feeling iPad they have done a great job with pretty much every single iPad they’ve ever released some personally after.

A Very Premium iPad

I see something like this I am always a huge fan of how well Apple has done with these pads so if you’re feeling it in the hand and if you’re going to the store or you see it for sale somewhere and you’re picking it up you are still going to feel like you have a very premium iPad for sure so in terms of that humongous thumbs up without a doubt now in terms of the camera setup this was also something kind of interesting on the back it had an 8-megapixel standard camera and on the front.

It had a 7-megapixel standard camera now me personally when I use this you know camera for a little bit I will tell you it’s up there with like something like an iphone 6 camera with like an iphone 7 front-facing camera like it’s kind of hard to kind of description but I’ll tell you I mean if you need a camera to kind of you know take some photos here and there I guess it’s okay but like I mentioned I think a majority of people are using iPad cameras mostly for video calling zoom calling and if.

You’re in a pinch and you need to make as you know on your iPad or something quickly then you could probably use something like this too but I do think a majority of people out there are probably using these devices for pretty much just zoom calls and facetime calls and different things like that so for those type of activities this iPad is perfectly fine you are not going to be experiencing too many issues with this specific iPad for those specific tasks so.

A Perfectly Fine iPad For You

If you’re somebody in that realm again this is going to be a perfectly fine iPad for you now on the other hand if you’re somebody who wants to go ahead and use this iPad as your main photography or video device this is probably not going to be the device you want to go and pick up for those, to be honest, you’re not going to be getting that great experience but I do think for standard tasks like I mentioned before you’re probably going to have a good you know feeling with it you’re probably going to have a good camera with it for sure it wouldn’t be my first choice but.

I think it’s pretty much and you know I think that pretty much covers it up in the camera standpoint no 4k no 1080p at 60 as far as I know either on any of the lenses so some other big things to keep in mind but in terms of the camera that pretty much covers it up there now in terms of the longevity of this iPad, this is a very interesting read because it came in the body as an older iPad pro but it had the internals of pretty much the latest and greatest at that time so it had.

That appellate 12 bionic chip which was the best chipset at that time that Apple was making in 2019 in march or whatever however it did have three gigabytes of ram now because of this I do think it sits in line with the iphone 10r in terms of performance so here’s the thing this device as far as I can tell is going to last as long as the iphone 10r 10s and 10s max so when you keep that in perspective.

How Long This iPad Is Going To Last It’s Still Going

The 10r came out in 2018 the iphone 7 and 7 plus and 6s are still supported so looking like ios 16 17 I mean this thing may end off with like ios 18 or something or maybe even ios 19 who knows so it’s going to have a couple of more versions of software to come out without a doubt so if you’re planning on getting this iPad don’t be worried about software updates or how long this iPad is going to last it’s still going to be supported for quite a bit of time so I wouldn’t even really worry about.

That’s too much if I were you I would probably just recommend buying this iPad because it has a couple more years left in it and you can even buy this iPad this year you know and resell it next year the year after and you can even buy a newer iPad air once those go down to their used market a little bit so the choice is yours but honestly if I had to say it this iPad is not going anywhere anytime soon and that pretty much covers it up in the longevity standpoint now in terms of the performance as I mentioned before.

It has that apple a1200 chip inside of it and it has three gigabytes of ram now with an iPad like this you are still getting a very very good and smooth performing iPad now is it the smoothest iPad of all time obviously not it’s definitely not you know beating anything like the iPad pro’s or anything but it is still a very fast performing iPad and I’ve mentioned this again this is a very very smooth device Apple does a really good job with their pads and I’ve always found iPad os to be a little bit smoother than ios I think iPad os 15 was the rare exception where that really wasn’t the case but i will tell you if you need to go and pick up an iPad this is a very good performing iPad for sure now for standard basic things.