iPad Air 1 The Best In 2022 Can You Buy It

iPad Air 1 The Best In 2022 Can You Buy It
iPad Air 1 The Best In 2022 Can You Buy It

Introduction Of iPad Air 1 The Best In 2022 Can You Buy It

iPad Air 1 The Best In 2022 Can You Buy It. We saw apple put the latest chipset in the iPad before it came out on the iPhones which was crazy but the iPad era lineup originated from the original iPad air which came out in 2013. now believe it or not this was actually one of the first pads I reviewed on this channel but it was also one of the first pads I ever owned personally which was pretty wild it was either this one or the mini two I don’t remember too well.

This iPad On The Front Had A 9.7-Inch IPS

But these two were side by side within each other in my lineup and I really did like this iPad air at that moment but even now when I still use iPad airs even the second generation which is still getting softer support which is crazy it’s still very impressive what these pads you know kind of had at that time and how they hold up in 2022.

Now if you want to pick up some of the more recent ipads with the outside of the iPad r1 we had a very premium body at that moment and it still feels pretty premium, for the most part, this iPad on the front had a 9.7-inch IPS panel and although the iPad Air 2 had a much better panel than this one this was still not a bad panel and I was still a fan of it for sure.

It’s still pretty current because most pads still have a little bit of bezel you know we look at the iPad 9th generation still a little bit of bezel there but it’s okay for the most part no touch id but you still had a front-facing camera which is great on the bottom you had that lightning port and that headphone jack as well which was a cool sight to see and on the back, the full aluminum back too and you have a single camera setup as well now like I mentioned before when you’re holding an iPad like this.

A Cheap Feeling iPad

You know you’re not getting a cheap device in 2013 this thing felt extremely premium and even now in 2022 and probably forever this is going to be one of those devices that still looks and feels extremely premium and that’s the one thing I love about an apple with their iPhones sometimes they’re hit or miss but most of them feel.

You know premium with the pads apple, in my opinion, has never made a cheap feeling iPad and I love that about their company now with the camera setup on the back we had a single five-megapixel camera and on the front, we had a 1.2-megapixel camera now it’s weird because this thing came out in 2013 and by that point, the iphone 5 had already come out and the iphone 5s had already come out and those things had way better cameras than this thing so I don’t know why Apple does that.

They put weird cameras on their pads but the iPad air had a pretty decent camera I would say for that time you could do facetime calls and you know you could I guess make photos and movies from this thing but even at that moment not a lot of people were taking videos and photos on their pads so it’s understandable why they chose this direction but it is kind of weird a little bit why they still don’t put their top solid cameras on these pads that have massive displays and massive bodies now.

If you’re somebody who just needs to take photos and videos and move on with their life I’m sure this is a decent iPad for that but I would not recommend it at all especially for this one it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it and that is one of the biggest downsides of picking up pads but back then with the iPad Air 1, I’m sure this was a pretty decent option the front-facing camera on this thing I’m sure is still pretty good too for you know how old it is but in 2022 even.

When You Have An iPad Like This Again

When you compare it to like an iphone 10 front-facing camera it’s not that good anymore so there are some big things to keep in mind but in terms of the camera I think that pretty much covers it up I don’t think people want to hear more about this camera, to be honest now moving on to the longevity of this iPad this thing like I mentioned is pretty much already outdated this thing started with ios 7 apparently and it did end off with ios 12. so this thing lasted almost as long as.

The iphone lasted pretty much the same time as the iphone 5s which is pretty impressive and when you have an iPad like this again you’re not getting any more software updates so most applications are going to start moving on to being supported with ios 13 or newer I’m sure so that’s another pretty big thing to keep in mind so even though this thing is you know not getting software support anymore there’s going to be a lot of applications that are not going to be making them.

Most recent version of the application is supported for ios 12. so what that means is if you have an iPad like an iPad air one you probably won’t be able to get software application updates but you may not even be able to install the latest versions of the applications that are going to be developed so that’s a big downside when you’re getting an iPad like this another big thing is you know there’s a next big application that’s going to be coming out you may not be able to get it on this iPad on any version of that software so.

iphone Or iPad That Is Still Stuck On IOS 12

That’s another big thing to keep in mind I mean I don’t really like being you know behind the software versions like four versions or three versions and now the fact that ios 16 is going to be coming out in the next couple of months probably like five months from now you’re going to be in a weird situation if you still own you know iphone or iPad that is still stuck on ios 12 so in terms of software that pretty much covers it up now in terms of performance.

This thing does have that apple a7 chip inside of it which was about the same thing as the iphone 5s and it had one gigabyte of ram now the thing with the iPad Air 1 is that just like most other pads apple has made this thing still feels pretty smooth you know it doesn’t feel like a super slow-performing tablet and like I mentioned before this is one of the best things about ipads you can still own a very old iPad and it will still perform decently smooth you know even.

If you own like the first ipad it’s still kind of impressive how you know smooth and you know performing it is when you consider the age and the price tag you know if you’re thinking that this is an ipad that came out this year it’s going to be very slow but even with the ipad’s second generation ipad the third generation those things still feel kind of smooth because of the age and because of the price tag with this ipad air one, of course, it’s not a smooth ipad and it’s not that fast but like I mentioned when compared to the latest generation it is kind of impressive.