How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max

How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max
How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max

Introduction Of How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max

How To Improve Your Concentration And Focus To The Max. In an increasingly fast-paced world, it becomes difficult to focus and concentrate on a single activity, distractions, people talking to us, the television, the cell phone, notifications, social networks, and many other things can make it impossible for us to concentrate and focus on one thing so that we can be productive the day and I want to talk to you about how to solve this problem and acquire maximum focus and concentration and focus and the first one is.

Focus And Concentration Is To Drink Liquids

A bit indirect and it is to exercise, it may seem that it has a direct relationship with the issue of focus, however when you exercise you stimulate your body to your brain and you have many health benefits that have been studied and proven in matters of mental clarity when you exercise your brain releases certain kinds of things no not I know what they are called but they allow you how to have that activity of that mood and although one might think that exercising can make one tired exhausted and suddenly not wanting to do anything.

This may happen in the first two or three days after you start to do it if you have never done it but after exercise, it becomes a motivational boost in a mood boost and it becomes like something more powerful than any cup of coffee or energy drink that exists in the market a second recommendation for the topic of focus and concentration is to drink liquids on many occasions we are dehydrated without knowing it and what this does is decrease the liquid that is in our brain it decreases the performance and functioning.

That it can give us for any activity that we want to carry out and keep in mind that when I speak it is hydration we do not notice, for example, when we are very thirsty, it is not that we notice it, let’s say on our lips or that kinds of things there are times that we don’t know we don’t have a way of knowing that we are dehydrated therefore the only solution is simply to prevent it by drinking the liquid let’s say water preferably in the morning as soon as you get up and throughout the day so.

Organize Your Activities

That you don’t arrive as a point in the fact that only due to dehydration, something so simple to compensate and solve, you have a mind that is not capable of focusing and concentrating and that for some reason or another does not feel capable of carrying out a chain of activity in the best possible way, a little recommendation more directly in the term of concentration the focus is to organize your activities and what do I mean by organizing your activities simply because many times.

We have many goals a list of tasks quantities of things to do and when we are dedicating ourselves to one of them our mind is wandering and thinking of the others at the same time if you have something that you have to have ready for tomorrow urgently but you are dedicating theater thing the safest thing is that your mind is jumping between one thing and the other and that asks you to focus so it’s like trying to clean your mental hard drive and trying to get off the side of being that disorganization.

That disorder distributes each day a very limited set of activities or even a single activity so that you achieve how you put it in that sense and that you can be present and active in one activity without thinking about the others for example you are dedicating time your family not having to be receiving work calls if you are at work not having to receive calls from your family and the like so that your productivity is not interrupted and is not affected at any time another totally direct recommendation is to eliminate distractions.

Turning Off The Phone Is The Best Solution

The easiest of them is simply the notifications of your cell phone social networks chats and even calls c hen you have to carry out an activity and you have a time limit to do it, for example, on many occasions turning off the phone is the best solution that exists and although in some cases it is not possible to do so, the vast majority of people can live and survive without their phone ringing at all times on many occasions so the phone doesn’t ring if it’s just there is a temptation so.

If you remember something for some strange reason your mind will be doing it all the time you pick up the cell phone and you write it personally when I do something like annual planning I go without any technology and I tried to take only the paper and pencil that I need because I know that if I have the phone next to me I will surely go in to check emails or surely I will agree that I had to say something to someone so I opened it I write to him or anything else these types of distractions either from the that come to me or that in my mind try to produce even.

If they are not coming, they must be eliminated so that we can be productive and increase focus and productivity, in addition, the issue of fun and entertainment must be taken into account and distraction because our mind simply wants to have fun, it wants to be entertained, it does not want to watch movies, go out and do a lot of things and if we never do it, this need will be represented in the activities in which we want to be productive in the form of distractions from interruptions of laziness of tiredness of discouragement of sleep and when.

It Is Controlling The Temperature

We have as a balance a mental balance and we have these situations resolved and we even have time planned for rest planned time to judge to have fun and others it is very easy that when we want to be productive we can do it because we have a part of our mind 100% satisfied another recommends direct on and you are going to know because.

It is controlling the temperature very hot or very cold can affect the ability to focus and concentrate because relatively the heat is sometimes so suffocating that our mind is not able to focus on anything other than the way we are feeling because of the heat and the cold on many occasions we simply tend to relate it to the night in practically everyone the temperature of the day is higher than the night so our brain tends to feel that it begins to disconnect and that it is about time to rest and he puts himself in a slightly slower mental state, slows down and considers.

That it is time to not be so productive either of the two extreme situations very hot very cold can affect us and if we control it and suddenly we level it to a point where we feel comfortable and we don’t have to think about that climate in one way or another because it’s much easier than we concentrate on things and that it becomes a distraction – you also have to take planned breaks, however, it is a little different from what I already mentioned before with planned breaks.

Writing A Book

I mean all kinds of rest from the ones you take for example in your productivity day let’s suppose that you are writing a book for some reason and you want to work all day on your book because the ideal is not that you write for 8 hours in a row but that you do something like the Pomodoro technique that is about work about 50 minutes and rest about 25 and work another 50 rest 25 and so on for a maximum period of two hours in which I rest a whole hour or any other similar productivity strategy that.

Includes resting in a planned way that you know in advance how much time is you going to dedicate to the activity and how much time are you going to rest this is daily.