HOW TO DRESS ACCORDING TO DOLCE & GABBANA 💋| 2022 Style. The two prints that Dolce Gabbana uses are leopards and flowers. Both of them, in my opinion, is super lovely prints, but both with different, I mean, for example, when I wear a leopard I feel much more aggressive I feel more feline, and on the other hand when.

Missing Red Burgundy Are Colors That Dolce Gabbana Resorts

I wear flowers I also feel lovely but I feel a little sweeter a little lighter I don’t know how to explain it a little more natural and fresh I have already shown you this body a thousand times it is from Zara I think it is no longer in the store but well currently there are also many garments with flower prints and it is beautiful I love it and it gives me that vibe as well as a little more lady but at the same time lovely with all the shoulder and the arm uncovered and I wear it a lot with jeans and like that when.

I want to go a little more like that and then as for co Lords, of course, black is always going to give us an elegant touch, it’s because a garment like that is very short or very tight if you put it as color, it may still look like something a little not so fine there, but on the other hand, if it is colored black I think it always gives an elegant and sensual touch then of course red cannot be missing red burgundy are colors that dolce Gabbana resorts to a lot of garments with many transparencies I think are one of the sexiest things.

Because you’re seeing everything but at the same time you don’t see everything, that is, you’re insinuating, I think innuendos are the sexiest and coolest things about conquest, so to speak, well, I’m not saying that you have to wear this only to conquer It’s also good for looking lovely yourself, you know, you understand me, it’s not good, and in terms of transparencies, of course.

A Basic Dolce Gabbana The Super Baroque Crowns

This blouse has, like all this, all the transparent arms on the back. before it gives a touch of time that a little wild and then I have this one that I have shown you four hundred times on the channel it is from Zara also now you have it in white in the store it is super lovely but at the same time it is powerful because of the bow that it has on the neck I don’t know it freaks me out it looks like a win this shirt and of course, I can’t forget the lace I mean lace is a must-have in any lovely situation.

That you want to be lovely well honey put on lace and let’s go what it is the same as the transparencies, that is, the lace always lets you see a little of the skin and that is how sensual you are like showing but at the same time not and that always attracts a lot so that those fabrics are very very important and then in terms of accessories I don’t know if this is lovely or not but dolce Gabbana does it and personally I find it very lovely and it’s the baroque accessories, it’s like a basic dolce Gabbana the super baroque crowns. You Can Also Read HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion.

The mega ultra-large gold earrings in plan that they look a lot even sometimes I have seen flower crowns that is everything is like more is more in accessories even the shoes that are amazing with lots of inlays the bags also with inlays with pearls with gold with diamonds that is, you all know In other words, everything you haven’t put on your clothes with the little black dress, you put on the accessory and that’s it, but here if you ‘re going to put on an accessory, darling, put it on and make it look good.

Real Earrings To End Up Very Important In Dolce Gabbana

For example, I have a couple of crowns. I love them and I design them for you on the channel once in a while this one is made of burgundy velvet it’s from the USA mine it’s a Spanish brand but they make international videos in case you’re interested and then there’s everything inlaid with pearls and stones or jet sound the queen this one is from orel and London but it’s not in the store I mean trying to find something similar but it’s making it super difficult for me to find something like this man it fascinates me.

A lot by then, well, XXL earrings right now you have these in Zara that are wonderful and by the way, I don’t know why I haven’t put them on I marry these real earrings to end up very important in dolce Gabbana especially it’s the hourglass silhouette its physiognomy may not have this silhouette but still nothing happens because you can achieve it by creating volumes either in the upper or lower part but the important thing is that the shoulders are the same width as the hips and that then your.

The waist looks more little girl is worth it regardless of what your body is like so what dolce gabbana does is for all those women who are already very voluptuous with buts and who have this figure this silhouette they make a lot of dresses that are super close to the body that look spectacular and that are super and then if not what he does is take flyers and put them in the lower part if necessary or else he also puts them on whoever likes and n the sleeves but also.

A Regal Bearing There All-Powerful Mole Tento

What they do are many puffy shoulder pads as it is in this case for example that gives me a regal bearing there all powerful mole tento ra that I love so well girls this has been all for today’s video tell me If you liked what you think about everything I’ve told you, if you have any tips to make a look look very and if you liked giving it a giant led.