HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion

HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion
HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion

Introduction Of HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion

HAUL OF SWEATER WINTER 2022 🌸 | Zara Bershka Mango | Fashion. If you appreciate something is worth it in a tone as well as very dark gray that has a black bow in the center under the neck and that has a whole little detail as well as precious rhinestones, this sweater is also very predictable and also has a little volume in it It’s on the shoulders and it fits a lot around the edge, that’s where the sweater fits and it’s also ultra-soft and people are going to want to touch you in winter with this sweater.

It’s A Sweater Like A Grandmother’s

That is if he gave it to you when I saw it on I also fell in love with the store because with a preppy style you can wear this and have a great look but you have to know how to wear it, it’s very clear, it’s a sweater like a grandmother’s, it’s worth it with a fairly large point all of the eights and it has little black rhinestone buttons and then it has Here been a little detail with all super pretty rhinestones I think it’s very cool also to make overlays with shirts I’m not so sure about the next one.

It’s a sweater let’s see if I love it that why am I going to lie to you it’s a sweater in leopard plan and that the interior, like the roundel landmarks, is like in a blue tone, I don’t know, it seems quite cool to me, what happens that doesn’t seem elegant to me, it may be that it can give it an elegant touch, because by making a superposition too but I’m not so sure because it’s super xl it’s very very square and this one cost me 49.95 and I took it in the size so it’s a sexy one and it’s giant so you know.

Let’s see this is the disappointment of this hall sincerely I saw the model on the website and I said oh what a cutie of course because she is very cute, is that Susana you have to get this into your head that is that she is very beautiful but then you have to see the garment is not a more basic jersey or shirt, that is, it cannot be that it has no fabric or 6 that it is a jersey like a t-shirt, god, this is more of a t-shirt than it is, I expected it or hit it, and this is gigantic, that is, it is very big ok and it’s an x.

A Sweater Also Very Special Very Cool

That you explain to me this is that I don’t understand what the concept is I don’t get it this has cost me 29 with 95 we are crazy that is no that is don’t pay 29 with 95 for this please because 29 is worth this jersey I think it’s super basic and my micro I love the color this creamy I think it’s super pretty, it’s very trendy right now, this tone and it’s combined with black that goes from the chest down, it doesn’t seem very elegant to me, it also has a bit of a high neck and it’s very soft, that is, it has a point left at ease.

I promise you that it is a super nice texture and it cost me 19 with 95 it is one of the cheapest and I have taken it in a size s and well a sweater also very special very cool not suitable for everyone who has like a tie that is what makes it special also has lapels for the same a crazy a little more prep and also very very cool in this baby blue again and also has a little volume on the shoulders I think it’s very cool super easy to combine also because he has a black-tie boy it cost me 29 with 95. You Can Also Read NEW YEAR’S EVE TRENDS 2022 🎀 | Christmas Events Fashion.

I’ve taken him in a size s super cute no ei to see if I took a couple of very cute armies like this more little one this first one well no it is necessary to tell you what it is that I fell in love with because it was the color one hundred percent, that is, it is a beautiful color, you know that now lilacs are very popular with purples and this sweater that looks super cute and super cute and on top of that, it seemed to me that It was going to be super nice and with high-waisted pants, it was going to be everything.

A Grotto Sweater Again With A Slightly High Neck

I took it in this size and it cost me 15.99, the country is worth the same as what I am going to show you now, I am not very clear why I took it well yes because basically it reminds me of my babysitter the little Susana because I would have flipped out with this sweater it’s a grotto sweater again with a slightly high neck so I don’t know if it’s called turtle type I’m not sure if it’s a super blue or if no don’t record myopia ok let’s see well I’ll continue and then it puts like in little Balearic rhinestones.

That this is a bit cheesy but well john soul and it seemed so cheesy and so from the 2000s that I said I’ll take it and try it on later god will say but you know the plan p me it emerged as very ‘spice girls’ a little like Britney spears in the 2000s like that now we move on to mango and here he took me a couple of armies this is the first one that’s like quite a chunky ok it’s a super long sweater that it reaches to the knees or something like that and I loved the color I think it’s a super nice blue tone.

It’s like a sky blue that doesn’t become electric or even blue so normal is that I don’t know it seemed to me that it would favor me a lot, not me I think so because cold tones favor me a lot then, they hit me in the eye, well, all the blue-green tones and all of them, like pink, for us, well, that’s what favors me because I wear orange and I’m going to catch the wind, you know the plan looks like a dead coco oil and it cost me 29 with 99 and I took it in as this one you are going to freak out what tact I mean really.

A Very Simple Sweater That Reaches The Hip

How can you play this seriously it’s all this army also in a blue like that Of course I thought it was super nice Because the neck is like that, also like a turtleneck, I think it makes it much more elegant and it’s all a very simple sweater that reaches the hip it doesn’t have much, but it left me with a milestone pendant, for example, something like this, this necklace is from Zara I thought it could be very pretty and from mango, it’s also the sweater I mentioned that I’m wearing now. it has all the little buttons with silver rhinestones I don’t know it ‘s super cute and it’s in this shade of pink for what I thought was super nice the shirt.