February TRENDS 🎀 | What clothes Do I Buy This Month? | Fashion Guide

February TRENDS 🎀 | What clothes Do I Buy This Month? | Fashion Guide
February TRENDS 🎀 | What clothes Do I Buy This Month? | Fashion Guide

February TRENDS 🎀 | What clothes Do I Buy This Month? | Fashion Guide. I wear is super purple but I also have to tell you that I have seen a couple more in Zara one that was super short that was beautiful that I also loved in a more fuchsia tone and then another that was in a cream tone an earthy tone like that with puffed sleeves and it was super nice the influencer nerea to her dogs I think that’s the name of the girl well I’ll be putting it here she’s a girl from Donosti.

Because it’s Instagram, the taste has uploaded a look with a dress like that and it’s spectacular, that is, it looks like a gothic princess like that, I haven’t loved that look another trend that has been like a secret because the designers haven’t proposed it something I think more that is beginning to be seen through the Instagram networks the stores, that is, it is like more of the street it has been a trend more of the street and they are the slow si James that is like a cut that goes very convex from the waist.

That is, they make your waist very narrow and then they go quite round to the ankle that narrow again I love how they are the only thing that if you want to buy some I recommend that you buy it two sizes smaller than it’s my trick, for example, I have these that are from Zara and as I told you they are a 32 I usually wear a 36 and well those are pants.

That is better than men I think they look great and I use them a lot day today because I think they give it a cool vibe, that is, even more, retro than Hmong jeans, but every time I don’t know how it gives you style, it’s not based on jeans but more stylish and with a very top jacket and then of course, if you want to buy a shirt this month that has a little volume on the sleeves ok, for example, I took this one to show you the one that I think is super pretty, that is, it’s from Zara it has a slightly strange pattern that.

A Zillion Shirts With Volumes

I couldn’t tell you if it’s like an imitation of the houndstooth but in dots or well, it doesn’t matter, it’s beautiful, it’s like a turtleneck and then in the upper part it doesn’t have shoulder pads or anything, that is, they don’t have volume in the upper part but the sleeve in the lower part bulges out a lot to me it seems beautiful it seems super elegant.

I suggest this one but there are many more at Zara you have a zillion shirts with volumes on the sleeves in terms of accessories if I had to c Buying some shoes would be oxford shoes but with a platform, I think they are super comfortable shoes that are super versatile and also elegant I’m going to show you the ones that I have assets they are like a mix of oxford mold I almost don’t know I would say they are oxford but neither I am very sure, but in the end, these are the ones that.

I have, it is worth it in terms of the trend that I want to change the laces, these that go in squares for black ones that are like elegant but then they have the whole platform that gives me a more current plus because some super classic oxfords are also good, but they can be a bit boring, on the other hand, I love these, that is, something that is very popular is the canvas bags with retro prints, and then also that they have short handles, for example, yesterday I bought.

A Houndstooth Print In Shades Of Brown

This little bag that is microscopic, mono microscopic, no, but it’s like nothing, you know, it seems a bit expensive to me for what it is but hey, it’s a little mango bag it has a houndstooth print in shades of brown he mentioned seeing two milestones and then all the little details are in gold I thought it was super cool and I don’t know boy it’s that you’re looking for me you can take them or from the hand or hanging and I really like the touch they give and this one cost me 19 with 99 then also everything.

That is jewels now they take a lot all the jewels with diamonds with especially silver diamonds that is to say diamonds or imitation diamonds and I have several accessories because I like to have both rings and bracelets to create more interesting looks I have this bracelet that looks like diamonds and so it’s super cute that I wear it a lot like when I have dinner when I have an event when I have a party whatever I love to wear it I think it gives me a super cute touch and I think this one is from Asos if. You Can Also Read HOW TO DRESS ACCORDING TO DOLCE & GABBANA 💋| 2022 Style.

I’m not mistaken then I have these Impressive earrings that are precious I also use them for events and so on and these are also from Asos and lastly I also have this ring that is very nice that has a small stone in the middle I think the stone is made of glass and I think I love this one I bought one in a jewelry store and I didn’t know how to tell you what the name of the jewelry store was called and then also as a complement to a look I find the theme of the stockings super interesting that are now being seen.

The ‘Fashion Week’

Which is kate’s reddy with me for the ‘fashion week’ showed these stockings that are like lace with little flowers that are spectacular and together with a short black dress it was beautiful I love the effect they give and the truth is that I think they can give a plus important to a simpler look, some were dropped in Zara that are garnets but these that I have shown you are made of chalcedony it is in terms of colors, in general, considering that.

We are in the autumn season warm colors are the ones that are most used in this season they are the ones that we most want to use as we blend in with nature then all the ocotherolors all the purples the pinks the fuchsias and yesterday I caught a hat that is super nice from Zarautz and I just kicked you in the end yesterday.

I bought this little wool hat I mean how nice now I can’t wear it because of the hairstyle I’m wearing but wow it looks spectacular it’s like super tocho the whole band is in front it’s super that and I love that I mean it freaks me out and it’s a beautiful powdery lilac color oh god I saw it and said I don’t know what I’m going to wear it with.

I don’t know what I’m going to wear it with to combine but I don’t care because I need it and this one cost me 12.95 ok and then also in terms of color the theme of the total looks in cream is super important that you know that sweet will go has done a complete look that is with a hat with to bring I don’t know if then it has cream-colored jumper pants to prevail, you already know that it is a super cheap brand and if you like this type of looks like super diaphanous super uniforms that I love I mean that look has blown me away dulce Vida I have to tell you that el Chapo is.