FASHION CLONES 2022πŸ’° | Prada Boots Bottega Veneta Heels | Fashion Trends 2022

FASHION CLONES 2022πŸ’° | Prada Boots Bottega Veneta Heels | Fashion Trends 2022
FASHION CLONES 2022πŸ’° | Prada Boots Bottega Veneta Heels | Fashion Trends 2022

FASHION CLONES 2022πŸ’° | Prada Boots Bottega Veneta Heels | Fashion Trends 2022. The first garment I have chosen is a barmen’s jacket that is black in loop fabric that is a bit of a clone in itself from Chanel but well let’s say and gold double-breasted and it seems to me a super versatile classic and elegant garment and we have it washed that is nailed to Zara and you know that these jackets will be replicated a lot and he has made them in different shades I’ve seen them in violet.

The Loop Of This Jacket

I’ve seen them in white I have them this is the white one although the one we’re talking about would be this one the black one is and it has that double buttoning so golden it’s very cute it’s of very good quality I like it I love the loop of this jacket, it is a clone that I love that I think is super nice to have and that is also not so different from haute couture prΓͺt Γ  porter haute couture and you know that the terms are crossed, but most of the garments are prΓͺt Γ  porter.

The following clone is worth it, I love it because it is one of the trends that we talked about last week, it is a black leather shirt ra is from the totem brand and the truth is that it is super pretty I personally love it and we have it super similar if not the same I think the one from Zara is a little longer but it is super similar it seems to me to be a clone az or super cool to have super on-trend and that it is very worth it is worth it already know that this season in the shoes the heels of Bottega Veneta are super fashionable.

They are the typical little heels that have like the super rectangular tip that they make you like a duck foot that to I love it I think the effect is super nice and of course, Zara has replicated some Bottega Veneta those from Jara have more straps they are not the same but what the toe is the same the format of the strap itself is the same.

Celine And Are Cloned On The Face

The heel is also super similar and the truth is that to make looks like this more elegant or if you have a special event, they are spectacular, they are beautiful, delicate, elegant, I love the following clone, it would also go in the store The best thing about this season is a pair of black leather Bermuda shorts that are from Celine and are cloned on the face and are super similar and I think they are very elegant and very cool to go to work or the office, they seem perfect after a trend that.

It has been seen a lot, especially in the streets, it is worth that they are the best bucks since many have been one of the most emblematic pieces, I think, from this last season and I have not seen any that are super accurate or super nailed, but these from h&m are super similar in size, that is because I have not seen in any other store such a small bag size but in h&m they have done it although the shape is not very similar the size is nailed and the truth is that the minimalist design. You Can Also Read February TRENDS πŸŽ€ | What clothes Do I Buy This Month? | Fashion Guide.

What they have given it I like a lot I think it can be very cool these blouses are worth it we have been seeing them in zara a lot in fact I have a wait a moment that I am going to leave the one that is I’m talking about this blouse, it’s totally transparent through the sleeves and then it has a little bow around the neck, tied around the neck, this is in shades of green, but right now Sara I think she’s got one in white or non-purple treatment, which are beautiful that I love them and what.

They Are A Clone Of Dolce Gabbana

I did not know is that they are a clone of dolce Gabbana and the truth is that they are nailed at night in Havana I think that at the end of the sleeve they have like a ruffle from what I am seeing but from what The rest is that they are the same and the truth is that it does go quite well with a blouse of this type, as well as super sophisticated but sexy, it is within the dolce gabbana collections, I would wait to buy this blouse on sale because from my own experience I have always seen them on sale.

That is, people generally don’t buy this type of zara piece, which seems spectacular to me, but ok, so if you’re interested in having one of these, I’d expect sales because I’m sure that arrive I assure you not also this coat from that link that is like in a tone like yellowish has been replicated a lot in different stores and above all it is replicated in a tone like this you see that it is like much more wearable than celine’s but the structure is practically the same I would say that it is nailed that gives us a slightly more cheesy tone.

A little more winter but it is an xl coat well now always with a more elegant touch I don’t know I quite like it it is not one of my favorites of the season because I would prefer, for example, to see it with a more daring leopard print, but I think it could be very cool for looks like this, a little more monochromatic overalls, I think it could look super good in Asos.

I Have Found A Clone Of The Jean Yves Boots

I have found a clone of the jean Yves boots from isan logan well I say jean Yves because it is in her that I have seen them they are super large heeled boots and it is true that the ones from ASOS do not have as much money shape like those of irsa logo what is the shape of the boot if super close to the ankle and in this effect as well as leather it is quite similar they are quite nailed I think they are very cool and for a little more special winter events it seems to me that can look super good and lastly.

I am going to talk about the clone of clones that can give us the same touch to the look and it is just what I was looking for that is what I told you about last week are the Prada boots the boots Prada soldiers who now carry all the influences that money money have I have found some very similar ones for a little more than 60 euros in Asos so ladies and gentlemen you already know I hope the link is still there for I guess izarΓ‘ will make similar boots in not much time.