7 Signs That Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

7 Signs That Entrepreneurship Is Not For You
7 Signs That Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

Introduction Of 7 Signs That Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

7 Signs That Entrepreneurship Is Not For You. Entrepreneurship the second sign that entrepreneurship is not for you is simply that you prefer to achieve someone else’s dream because the truth is that when we are employees or when we work for someone else in some way or another unless it is a very special type of company.

While An Entrepreneur Simply Either Has Employees

We are making another person’s dream come true we are carrying out our maximum effort being productive being focused so that others achieve their objectives are not our objectives perhaps we have come to think ar due to society that our goals are a higher salary or have x free time a year and lots of things but the truth is that few people want that kind of results from their hearts while an entrepreneur simply either has employees or No because he sets his own goals, his objectives, and suddenly.

He can create a team that together achieves all the results they want, or even gets employees who help him achieve his objectives because there are people who are simply not cut out to achieve their things but prefer, let’s say, to discharge their responsibility in this type of activities that are proposed to them and achieve the result that another wants.

If you do not like hard work, entrepreneurship is not for you because entrepreneurs must work even harder than the employees at the beginning, especially because on many occasions one must be only the person who executes the things of the business but who does, for example, the returns, the appropriations, banking things.

Entrepreneurs Must Even Do Their Accounting

Who does the legal part, on many occasions, entrepreneurs must even do their accounting and others until they can soon afford to have a team, hire people and pay salaries, and many other things then, well, if you are a person who prefers easy work that soon prefers not to have all that day-to-day hustle and bustle, you will already be busy and thinking about thousands of things, so.

Let’s say that entrepreneurship, instead of being a source of freedom harmony, and well-being is going to be a source of total stress for you another additional way to realize whether or not you are a born entrepreneur is if you think for saying something that the world is fine as it is that the world simply does not need to be changed anything and that people who think about changing.

The world is crazy the truth is that entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs just base their lifestyle around creating new things, innovating, carrying out new ideas, converting or transforming something that currently works a certain way into something different, and changing the world to fit their crazy ideas, and so on. one way or another it changes and progresses and if you think about it the truth is that the world is what it is today due to the entrepreneurs of the pas.

You Are A Born Entrepreneur

Those who imagined cell phones internet telecommunications those who imagined cars planes and thousands of other things that simply were not satisfied with the world as it was and wanted to change it if you think the same as them you are a born entrepreneur but if you are satisfied with the world as it is there you do not want to change or you have no ideas to do it you do not know how no you have that hope or that illusion that you can do it, then it is possible.

That entrepreneurship is for you because another part and this has already been mentioned before surely if you are in the business or if you want to start a business only for the money to get an income to get some additional money outside of your job or in case you are unemployed simply something to allow you to pay food and rent. After all, entrepreneurship is not for you because when you start a business regardless of the situation you find yourself in, whether it’s a well-paid job or total unemployment.

You simply have to wait and you have to know that things are waiting for you, let’s say relatively negative from the financial point of view, you should cut expenses as much as possible, in principle you should perhaps push yourself a bit or be a bit creative to get investment or borrow money and many other things there is a lot of risks so you don’t do this you don’t start a business just for the sake of it quick money just for the easy money and this is a mentality that unfortunately many people start They start with it and for some reason or another.

When You’re Not An Entrepreneur

They end up failing because what is needed here instead is a passion is a motivation to achieve certain goals to transform the world and to achieve many greater things than the vast majority of people simply You can’t even imagine another way of knowing that entrepreneurship is for you, it’s something that I called that you hate roller coasters, not the normal roller coasters, those in amusement parks, but the emotional ones, the work ones, the activity ones, the productive ones, and so on.

When you don’t have a business when you’re not an entrepreneur and when you’re not let’s say following your dreams one day maybe you’re climbing a very steep difficult hill another day you’re in free fall one day you’re feeling excitement and a lot of positive things another day you’re feeling bad and it is having to deal with all that, perhaps with depression itself, sadness, discouragement and not wanting to do anything from one day to the next or perhaps having to suddenly manage your hyperactivity and your super productivity to focus.

That on the maximum possible result, suddenly thinking of ideas such as the Pareto law to take into account that those efforts are channeled towards what more can be capitalized on in your business and your life, then the truth is that the life of an entrepreneur is a daily roller coaster all the time there are changes there are curves there are ups and downs there are free falls there is everything and if you are not prepared to this type of life is entrepreneurship and finally.

Definitely Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

If you are one of those people who hate salespeople who do not like marketing who thinks that advertisements are something negative or anything like that and who does not appreciate the art of selling then definitely Entrepreneurship is not for you because if you are going to set up a business eventually you are going to have to sell it is more so if there is no transaction if the money is not or it changes hands there is no business if there is no business how are you going to sustain.

A venture in some way or another you have to negotiate with someone convince someone to sell to someone whether it is a product, a service, or an idea and you must know how to transmit those benefits of Knowing how to convey with passion what the product or service or the idea can do for that person, the results, the impacts and much more, and all this requires having a mentality like that of a marketer, a mentality of a person who is capable of selling himself selling.

Their ideas and transmitting to the world with that passion that is almost contagious to others because they should pay attention to it then because the truth is that many people hate salespeople that is why they try to get away from all the commercials they skip on television and many other things Instead of appreciating what is being done there, on many occasions we do not know that a simple commercial on television or an advertisement io on the internet can generate millions of dollars.