2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs

2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs
2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs

Introduction Of 2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs

2022 Marketing Study And Degree Guidance Plus Future Jobs. Is a marketing major or a marketing degree worth it the number of people who graduate with a marketing degree is about 35 000 a year now this one is pretty promising, to be honest with you there are a lot of career opportunities that are going to be waiting for you this is because just about every company out there needs people.

Who Have Marketing Skills

Who have marketing skills now there are a ton of different careers that you could go for from advertising sales agents public relations specialists to becoming a marketing manager with a good marketing degree background when you learn these skills you’ll be able to communicate your brand in a compelling way to customers which will make it much more likely for them to buy your product now this is a personal finance channel so I am going to be focusing on the personal finance aspects of getting a marketing degree.

However, we are going to be going over four very important categories and I’m going to be ranking all of these categories on a scale from 1 to 10. these categories are going to salary satisfaction demand and x-factors then at the very end I’m going to give it a final score now when you graduate with a marketing degree you can expect to make around 49 000 a year in your first five years after graduating and 91 400 a year in mid-career pay which is also 10 years after graduating and after one career path. You Can Also Read Social Science Degrees Guide Bright Future In 2022.

You could go down with just a bachelor’s level degree is becoming a marketing manager and according to BLS, they make around 135 000 a year now one knock that I have on this major is a lot of colleges out there are still teaching traditional marketing strategies which pretty much don’t work anymore a lot of brands are moving towards digital marketing and social media marketing to promote their products and colleges aren’t keeping up just because.

Software Development As Well With A Marketing Degree

The field is moving and progressing so fast so depending on what school you go to some of them are going to be better than others but you want to make sure that you buffer yourself and learn skills that are high in demand so some of these skills might include digital marketing data analysis which is going to involve a lot of use of statistics as well as using spreadsheets market research SEO which is search engine optimization CRM which is customer relationship management and it never hurts to learn a little bit of software development as well with a marketing degree.

You can move into all kinds of different positions and you can move up the hierarchy of a company which is, of course, going to mean higher paying jobs at the same time you could also start your own business after getting years of experience which could also mean that you would make a really good amount of money in my video I did on careers that create the most millionaires business degrees were all over the list and that is because business degrees tend to go into careers where they end up starting.

Their own business and they probably also have a much better chance of the business being successful just because they learned a lot of the skills that you need to be a business owner with that being said marketing was not on that list it wasn’t one of the business degrees that were in the top ten and then on top of that a lot of the jobs.

Extremely Happy With A Marketing Degree

When it comes to marketing aren’t all that high paying just because it is one of the more popular business majors but overall the salary is still pretty good I’m gonna give this one an 8 out of 10. next on the list we are going to be talking about satisfaction and this is very subjective for some people they might be extremely happy with a marketing degree going into a marketing career and then some people might hate it this is always one of the hardest sections for me to do just because.

It’s so subjective but overall generally speaking when it comes to business degrees most people tend to be very happy and they don’t regret it so according to ZipRecruiter for instance business degrees, in general, where the second least regretted degrees behind of course computer science only 15 percent of the people who got a business major said that they regretted getting the degree and the main reason was that it’s just a little bit too general so being flexible and being general.

It’s almost like two sides to the same coin a marketing degree is extremely flexible you can work in almost any industry in any business out there and there are a ton of different positions that you can go for but at the same time the skillset that you learn can be somewhat general and the whole purpose of going to college is becoming an expert in a specialized skill if you want to become a jack of all trades there’s tons of free information out there on the internet and you don’t need to go to college to learn that stuff.

Marketing Is No Exception It Came In At A 39 Pretty Low

Now when it comes to meaning and this is a survey that pays scale did where they asked people how much they think their job positively impacted the world business degrees don’t tend to do very well and marketing is no exception it came in at a 39 pretty low meaning score that’s not great however meaning and satisfaction are not the same thing you can have a job that you enjoy like.

Let’s say you were playing video games all day long you enjoy doing that but it doesn’t necessarily positively impact the world and a lot of the time when it comes to business degrees and business-related careers it’s not so much the job that you go for it has a lot more to do with the industry that you’re in or even the business that you work for and even if you do end up working in a career that you don’t really like there’s a lot of different career paths you can go down so you can always switch now.

I always say this but generally speaking it’s going to be a good idea for you to work in an industry that’s booming an industry that’s doing really well so we’re talking technology industry finance industry something along those lines and it also helps if you work for a business that’s doing well most of the time you’re going to have

A lot more opportunities you’re going to get rewarded for your hard work and all of that is going to contribute to you being happier with that being said flexibility plays a huge role here and if you do find yourself in a position where you’re not very happy with it you can get a few years of experience.